What's New in Mail Upgrade from 5/3/15

Here are the relevant new or fixed items from the latest release

  • Changed: Messages viewed in webmail that do not contain either an HTML or plain text part will now have any text part that is not an attachment displayed as plain text.
  • Fixed: A character encoding issue with 8-bit MIME messages which could cause certain foreign characters to be lost.
  • Fixed: A timing issue will no longer occur which could prevent messages from being sent properly from a device synced with Exchange ActiveSync version 12.1.
  • Fixed: All day appointments displayed in webmail under the all appointments tab now show in the user's time zone instead of UTC.
  • Fixed: An issue involving timed background tasks in webmail which could prevent messages getting pushed correctly when syncing with Exchange ActiveSync.
  • Fixed: Appointments with a start time of midnight now show on the correct date in webmail.
  • Fixed: Calendar events that span multiple days are now displayed correctly in webmail.
  • Fixed: Changed how task data is sent to Exchange ActiveSync clients so Outlook 2013 would display the times in the user's local time instead of UTC.
  • Fixed: Recurrence instance deletions now function correctly.
  • Fixed: Removed the delete option from the context menu for contacts that are read-only.
  • Fixed: Tasks now display properly in the calendar view of webmail when the task has a duration of 0.
  • Fixed: Tasks synced with Exchange ActiveSync will no longer lose their categories if those categories don't exist in the user's master category list in webmail.