Smartermail Upgrade - 14.1.5675

What is new in this version

  • Added: Migrating contacts from google now import a larger set of contact fields including multiple email addresses.
  • Added: New mailing list variables to display current dates and times based on either the moderator, domain or servers time zone.
  • Added: Option in Account Settings to automatically mark messages filtered to the Junk E-mail folder as read.
  • Added: Private calendar events now function correctly for iOS devices that sync using CalDAV.
  • Fixed: A scenario where an IMAP connection could get dropped when doing a Gmail migration has been resolved.
  • Fixed: A scenario where Samsung devices syncing with Exchange ActiveSync could continually re-sync a collection will no longer occur.
  • Fixed: All day appointments that span multiple days now show correctly in the mobile interface.
  • Fixed: Calendar events for certain types of time zones now sync times correctly when using Outlook 2013 and Exchange ActiveSync.
  • Fixed: Calendar events that are at midnight in UTC time now display on the correct day in webmail and also sync to the correct date using SharePoint sync.
  • Fixed: Secondary calendars can now be deleted successfully for accounts using a non-English language.
  • Fixed: Selecting all contacts or tasks and then deselecting some items now functions correctly when deleting from those collections.
  • Fixed: Sending a message that exceeds the domain mesage size limit when using version 14.0 of Exchange ActiveSync now returns the correct response.
  • Fixed: Syncing iOS devices using CalDAV will no longer create a new user calendar for each task.
  • Fixed: The drag and drop functionality of email in web mail is now disabled when the folder list is collapsed.
  • Fixed: Users with certain foreign (non-English) languages set as Internet Explorer default language can now view existing or create new calendar events without JavaScript errors.